Know someone who is constantly sick, ill, getting sick, or always feeling bad?


Lets look at the FACTS!


Every four days you produce a new stomach lining, every twenty-eight days you grow a new layer of skin, and every sixteen months every cell in your body is replaced or rebuilt!

These replacements or regrowth’s are a POSSIBILITY for better health, better physical performance, and a better quality of life!


For over 40+ years I have been fortunate enough to realize these facts, and help people develop better health and physical performance! Yes for over 40+ years I have seen first hand healings, health improvements, prescription medicine reductions and actual so called miracles in healing and performance!


Note, the biggest single factor to these individuals who received the healing and performance increases was UNLIMITED BELIEFS! Yes these people were MOTIVATED, DRIVEN, DETERMINED to “take back their health.”


The major draw back for most people who “say,” THEY WANT THEIR HEALTH BACK, is a very simple point or requirement, EFFORT! Yes, it takes effort to read, research, change actions, and habits!


Especially the people who “SAY” they believe in GOD!


Most people, who supposedly believe in GOD, really just have a passive relationship with their GOD in church only and never develop a relationship in GOD’S WORD, or have nor take time to pray and communicate with GOD!


Trust me in 40+ years I have seen, and heard it all! Either GOD IS EVERYTHING, or GOD IS NOTHING! If GOD IS EVERYTHING, THEN IT WILL SHOW!


Health, healing, increased physical performance IS VERY POSSIBLE, it can be a definite “have, and a definite can do” in increasing health!


We as humans are rebuilt by our intake in diet and exposures, to everything from lotions to physical environments! We can change RAPIDLY! IF…IF we are willing to put forth EFFORTS!


Think people, sick, fat, lameness does not hunt us down, stalk us, or attack us! We put ourselves in a bad position by lack of self-care, lack of self maintaining, not doing what is best for ourselves!


There are answers, there is help, there are possibilities ALWAYS, unless someone just gives up and does nothing! Do not let the old whining, sniveling and lies be believed, people do have choices IF…IF…THEY TRULY WANT BETTER!


Remember, we are new down to every cell, every so many months; there is a better condition for those who truly want it! I get to see it regularly with my work, with even the so-called terminal and untreatable! Think people anyone can change their condition immediately, by changing their intake!


Just by improving intake, any condition has to improve, and at the least, the condition usually cannot advance as fast! There is no down side to improving anything!


In my years of working with many varied types of conditions the most important observation is that the Physical Body, the Mind, and the Spirit must “all” be addressed if the individual is to receive improvement! As Hippocrates said, ”it is more important to know what sort of man has the disease, than to know what the disease is!” THINK ON THAT!


So is it an excuse, an alibi, or lack of responsibility, because options are real and available! People are able it seems, to lie to themselves more than they will allow anyone else to!


The amazing thing that also rushes to mind is, there is a “systematic way of prioritizing and sequencing requirements” that comes only with experience!


Do not believe for one second that there is no hope, no chance, no way! Limited beliefs are just that; know that many, many things were supposedly impossible, yet they became reality! Remember, even God shows himself most when everything seems impossible!

©copyright Bert Seelman 2017

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