EGO or INTELLIGENCE – almost New Years Resolution Time…..

Ego or Intelligence, ….it’s New Years resolution time, …..

People go around telling everyone how they are into health! Most people are flat out deluded, laughable, funny, actually stupid!

Many brag about their exercise programs and their “trainers!” Please, braggers, have you got actual measurable, tested, proven results?

Most people “want to believe they are in shape,” yet most, I do mean most, are in bad shape, unless round is a “good shape” and are they are again actually self deluded!

What does HEALTHY mean? To most it means that they “TRY” to eat well, when “most all” don’t even know what good or healthy eating is, factually speaking!

They are either “over fat,” or “bare minimal shape!” Most doing all the proclaiming are in need of reassurance that they are doing something, actually anything, “to mentally justify the money,” they are spending on their trainer or health programs and diets!

Why isn’t anyone actually testing through, photos, measurements, and body composition? Why not, it is simple, because the program directors, or trainers are incompetent in knowledge and especially proper applications of real fact delivering methods!

Why not make a resolution to get a factual, proven , tested, and do-able lifestyle program that will last! It does not take any longer to learn the facts, than it does a lie! The only difference may be that when you learn the lie, you will have wasted time on the lie!

Most all trainers have EGO’S, that way, way, surpass their abilities! Most are legends in their own minds! Want proof?

Does your trainer actually see dietary logs you write “every time” you see them?

Did your trainer actually layout specifics of what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat?

Did your trainer actually layout specific supplements to INSURE that you are covered minimally nutritionally?

Did your trainer ask you for your “resting heart rate every day” or any other specifics?

Com’on, who’s kidding who here? These are just a few of the facts that need to be checked and tested to make sure things work for real results and to make it truly about your health!

 You NEED to get yourself on the scale every day?

Do you take some supplements that you know for sure are working, and take them on a regular basis?

Do you do your exercise on a regular basis and do you know “actually guarantee” your program is actually being “progressive” with measurable results?

Com’on we all can see they reality of 99.9% of what’s really going on, little to zero in almost all cases!

In today’s world there is a lot of great information to enable you to get fast, measurable, predictable, and repeatable results! It is that time again, for that old new year’s resolution! Why not make it a “restitution of you” and your physical vehicle ”the body you are in” by getting the facts and caring for yourself, the right way with accountability!

Why not get a fact based program, that is truly grounded in “what works,” with actual working knowledge and accountability? Your health is the point, do it right, yes it is just as easy to do it once and right, than to be disappointed and have to keep doing it over!

In reality, no one should have to “redo their health every year,” at the first of the year or any other time. This idea of a new years resolution of diet and exercise should not be! If a person was properly taught, of proper eating and exercise that is effective, there should be a lifestyle developed that would last!

Take the time to get the facts, and the applications, so your health is an applied working system of habits that are created from that “factual based inner value system” of knowing what is important and why it needs to be done!

You can do it once and do it right or you can keep doing it over with frustration and disappointment! Choose!

Make learning for life the priority, it does not take any longer to read truth than fiction! Make a new resolution, one of lifetime success! A resolution that lasts!

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