Diabetes is not for life,

Diabetes type 2 is not for life and the lies from the medical arena are way, way, over with!  Watch this video! Learn how one man Rodger Bingham, learned how to come off seven medications in just over two weeks and over the next few years, Roger regained eye sight, and much more. Bert Seelman interviews Roger for the first and second time in this video!

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Diabetes type 2 is a self caused problem for either total lack of self care or from lack of understanding about our bodies ability to renew itself through nutrition! Doctors are not taught nutrition nor are they taught true healing! Doctors go to schools that have been set up by Big Pharma, and even all the materials that are given them are for disease management rather than true healing. If doctors were truly schooled to heal, this would cause a financial loss of huge proportions!

Bert Seelman develops programs through basic nutritional and physiological facts that give individuals the ability to take charge of their health and future physical performance. The medical field is duped, and becomes arrogant through their teachings that they know all. Our body can replace or renew every cell every sixteen to eighteen months. This allows for all kinds of healing opportunities.

Roger is now turning 60 and has had to lessen his eye prescription four times in the last five years since starting this program developed by Bert. Roger has also never once ever needed to use any prescription medications since stopping them in the beginning. Also listen to how Bert lays out in simple terms his total approach toward handling all sickness and disease. The approach is very common sense and simple logical progressions, actually almost too simple for some to believe or grasp.


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