DEPRESSION…..simple fix to a supposed major problem…

DEPRESSION…..simple fix to a supposed major problem…


Depression is responsible for more medications than any other condition!

Actually it isn’t depression that is “responsible” for the medications being sold, it’s the clueless non-logical non-thinking, medical practitioner’s prescribing the medications!


Here in the United States we sell more medications than any other country!


People today it seems, we have more “emotion based problems” than any where or at any time!


Anti-depressant drugs are responsible for more side effects than any other drug, not to mention that these side effects are worse than the condition!


There has been only one thing that always stands out to reliably help depression, and that is exercise! Yes exercise to release endorphins into the body! Of course is one exercises this expends energy, which effects blood sugar levels, which can effect mood changes!


For a balance of exercise to be effective, with results of any kind, on any level, there must be nutritional requirement changes, “prior” to the exercise!


So to help depression, “start with a dietary program” that balances the blood sugar levels, this also then makes it diabetic safe! (ensuring something to respond positively with)


Next start an exercise program that elevates the heart rate for over 15 – 21 minutes steadily! This will help produce elevated endorphin levels, helping depression, not to mention moods will be more stable due to steady blood sugar levels!


Depression is not helped at the root of depression problems, with pharmaceuticals with worse side effects! Start with balancing the diet, to help balance energy or blood sugar levels, so some sort of base is met! Then start some exercise with steady elevated heart rate, and the chances of success is much more assured!


INSANITY is trying to treat depression with a “chemical drug” or pharmaceutical with WORSE side effects than the depression has! And treating depression without looking at what the body is FUELED WITH, and MAINTAINED WITH is insanity!


Listen carefully…… https://youtu.be/b9IRj_KQjBU