Cruelty, proof people actually like it….

Cruelty, proof people actually like it….
(an old article but a meaningful one, that’s becoming more common)
Cruelty, what is it, when is it, who’s getting it, who’s causing it, and who’s accepting it?
This is about perspective…about value’s, logic, and how ASININE most thinking has become!
Whole Foods at one point dropped buying from a farm because they said the chicks were abused. Okay, I agree that abuse is one thing nothing living deserves! So is this farm is definitely letting these chicks that get damaged suffer, and what about a deeper, wider look?
However, what about the fact that it is the employee’s that are the problem as much as the farm. The farm cannot watch every employee, every minute. Yes the farm can put up cameras; yes the farm can do this or that. Should not the law look at the employee, too?
Come on here, let’s get real and put everything into perspective!
It is wrong to make or let anything suffer, even the owners of the farm suffer, for the employee’s wrongs! Get it! If the farm should suffer consequence, so should the everyone involved, not mass punishment, as other employees will suffer loss of work, because of these actions (fewer sales, jobs etc.). Hello, where is the line in the sand? Where do we really put the blame?
I say that first, investigate more in depth, then put blame where blame is due. GET THIS NEXT POINT! It is like church collecting money in the donations on Sunday and they don’t give it out for a week, is that cruelty? After all the people who were going to be helped out by the church need the money to eat, so they get put off for a couple extra days and don’t eat as soon! IS THAT CRUELTY?
We watch the big pharmaceutical companies, get money from “donations” for cancer research, and then they “charge” people for the medications, and for a “profit!”
Where is the sense in giving money for research and then the people who helped with donations, GET WAY OVERCHARGED! So then Big Pharma’s friends ,”the hospitals” can make all this profit off your hurting? Someone isn’t thinking correctly or logically here either.
Here is another example of absolute insanity. We go to the Doctor and we pay for insurance and then we “co-pay” more money, hello that is stupid?
The Doctor isn’t trained to heal anyway, he is only “managing our disease” through pharmaceuticals, that only mask symptoms. Because we still need and use the drug, no real restoration has happened, no restorative advice either!
So the Doctor gives us a drug that keeps us sick, without feeling the sickness, as bad. Now he just broke his oath of “not prescribing any deadly or dangerous thing,” and we paid insurance and the co-pay, to be treated like that? Then he tells us to come back FOR ANOTHER SUCH TREATMENT and most do!
Now these same type thinkers, want us to worry about a chick being mistreated, the same way we are being treated! Hello, they are going to kill the chick in couple of months for chicken meat on some persons table, anyway! Where is the line in the sand, anyway, I am serious?
I say we all need to get more perspective, more thoughtful, way more sensible, practical, and a whole lot more logical!
Where have we gone down this wrong road?
GET A HOLD OF THIS….today most everyone I try to help with their health usually says, ”Oh that’s too much work, or I don’t like that, or you want me to give up what?” It is actually funny to think people won’t help themselves, with their own life forces, but have time to worry about everyone else’s rights and wrongs, including chicks to be slaughtered!…
It is silly, actually sad and stupid in my view. I often reflect on the higher powers I believe in to guide me, as I surely see too much insanity to stay greatly inspired!
What has happened to reality, values, and higher good? Sad, isn’t it?
©copyright Bert Seelman 2012