Creation, or evolution of sickness            

Creation from my take is evolution at light speed!

Creation is a first try and it worked! (A purposely correct effort which was thought out, or planned.)

Evolution is a “get it right eventually,” but a long drawn out affair with a lot of modifications and a few hopefuls!

Creation says it was about eating laws starting in the Garden of Eden. This creation is also about the eating of herbs for healing and health. Creation is also about having the right attitudes, especially toward higher things such as God.

The physical body requires preventive maintenance. (Pre- event- ive.) When you think about it our diet shows our “attitude.” Our “attitude” towards “higher things.” If our attitude is not good it shows. Our thoughts or attitudes cause “un-rest” or “dis-ease.”

Bad thoughts = bad energy. Thoughts are “electrical” impulses and electricity is energy!

Bad thoughts make for a bad attitude which is bad behavior. Bad behavior makes bad habits. Bad habits in eating causes disease or un-rest (imbalance) in the chemical makeup of our physical body which causes sickness.


Bad thoughts = bad attitude = bad behavior = bad habits (as in eating) = bad health or dis-ease = sickness!

WOW! Isn’t that an “evolution cycle?” Thoughts do evolve, some to bad, some to good.

A bad thought becomes a bad attitude which becomes a bad action which can become a bad habit which can and does cause a serious imbalance in the physical body. This usually starts in the mind or by not bringing the thought into subjection to a higher spiritual correctness. So sickness begins in the mind by not taking control with higher spiritual correctness. It is written, “as a man thinks, so is he.”

Note: Our bodies are electrical chemical materials (beings) Our body needs electrolytes to send electrical signals to our muscles and organs to function. Thoughts are electrical transmissions in the brain. Many people today talk about “energy work,” etc. Most individuals do not stop to realize our body only has electrical (energy) impulses while it is alive! Scripture says “the life of the body is in the blood.” When the body does not have blood the “life force,” (energy,) leaves it. That life force is “energy.” This is why we need to keep balanced what we give the body to “operate on” and restore itself with.

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