New Website (web site), Thank You

THANKS, and Thanks again,  to those who have been to our new website….!!! We are in process of adding new, more and even better information! In the past year we have grown not just […]


Health Including – remedial, preventive health, medication reduction, natural remedies, and healing – COMPLETE   The fuller, “More Complete” view of health, we have it learn why   -our approach-   Creating, acquiring, or maintaining […]

programs for fitness, imagine – REALITY

IMAGINE, Fitness Programs, THIS IS REALITY… RESULTS So what does your workout, gym, class, trainer, coach, weight loss program include, exclude, impart, provide or lack, specialize in, supposed to deliver, and what have you actually […]

Fitness Programs, weight loss, are not working…..why

Fitness, weight loss are not working So many programs, so many claims, so many supposed experts, trainers, coaches, yet these programs are failing , and not working, not even a little, why? There are certifications, […]


HEALTHY, FIT,VIBRANT, WELL,….. DO YOU WANT IT, REALLY A lot of people “talk” this line of hopefulness! Some even, make attempts, to LOOK LIKE they want it! Then there are the “real deal people who […]


HEALING,  THE INCURABLE, UN-TREATABLE CANCER, STROKE, HEART, ETC., yes it is all able to be helped, all, if a person is willing to put forth the effort and look outside the box, meaning by use […]


HEALTH, FITNESS, there is A DIFFERENCE……… Health, fitness, wellness, there is a huge difference in perception of what these actually mean, and what gets delivered! In a world of ever increasing knowledge, people are using […]

FOOD…..How much does it matter

FOOD, how much does it matter… Whether a person is a “creationist or evolutionist” one of the most important factors to physical health, longevity, maintenance, and life is our food or diet, or what goes […]

how to test your doctor / physician

How to test your Doctor or physician How to test your doctor or physician is a basic set of consideration, questions, and facts! The things covered here should be “the bare minimum,” for anyone who […]

questions, facts to test a fitness program

facts, questions you should know to test a fitness programFacts, questions  to accurately test fitness programs Facts, are what are missing, in most of all fitness, and dietary programs! Results are the end result of […]