THE “BRUTAL, yet LOVING TRUTH” of health….

THE “BRUTAL, yet LOVING TRUTH” of health….

Your PHYSICAL state or condition is the absolute REAL STATE of your spiritual condition!

OK, you want PROOF? HERE IT IS…

A person who goes to church, talks the “oh this,” and the “oh that” and walks around with a waistline the size of their height is SELFISH, SELF CENTERED and FAKE!

How can a person say so much about so called “spiritual things” and profess to say they care about the “spiritual life” when they are killing the physical body or vehicle they are having that spirit “ride around in???

The abundance or major majority of people know more about their car, computer, and especially their “smart phone” than about how to maintain their “physical health!”

This is a very sad state of affairs! This is the time to learn with the new “health care” system and the “cost of suffering” plus cost of insurance, isn’t it time to take charge of the vehicle “you body” that God gave you?

I watch people every day go to the medical profession, that use’s “disease management” a “cover up, and masking” rather than use any little preventive measures and continue to “allow themselves” to have more suffering! OUCH!

We are a “slothful and hypocritical” bunch in that Sunday’s people go to church and ACT LIKE they are caring about their “spiritual life” while they MURDER their physical body that has the physical life GOD GAVE THEM!”

PEOPLE go to church and worry about what they put in their mind and SPIRIT, while they MURDER their physical health by WHAT THEY PUT IN THEIR BODY!


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