Diabetes is not for life, Diabetes type 2 is not for life and the lies from the medical arena are way, way, over with!  Watch this video! Learn how one man Rodger Bingham, learned how […]

CHRONIC FATIGUE…… ”Epstein Barr Virus”

CHRONIC FATIGUE…… ”Epstein Barr Virus”                                                                      ©copyright Bert Seelman 2013 The “wwhhhaaaa,” disease or, poor me! Look at the name, break it down, try to think, and you will get what it is about! Someone is […]

Weight Loss or FAT loss….ONLY?

Weight Loss – actual FAT LOSS ONLY? Most weight loss programs lose almost half lean muscle while trying to lose fat, slowing metabolism….!!! Most weight loss programs are just “weight loss” not ONLY FAT LOSS……. […]

Holiday Eating Survival Guide- without gaining the fat

FOR MORE INFO – Bert Seelman Results Are Proof The Great Fitness Fraud Performance Fitness Systems Tucson, AZ Phone: 520.327.2929 Email Bert Seelman Web | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Web-Book https://youtu.be/t9ROoag8Dys THIS IS “MORE […]

Personal Training Certifications are fraud, misleadling

©copyright 2011 Bert Seelman Personal training certifications are fraud, misleading and where to get the right answers DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL TRAINING CERTIFICATIONS, as a qualified, or as being good, it is fraud! Ever notice […]

The Whole Man… the 3 Part Being

Spirit – the real being, the animating force, the will– (good / bad), emotions, the sense’s kept here Body – the spiritual being’s house, shell, or vehicle, used to perform the missions of the spiritual […]

Exercise, Fitness, Health Programs……..LOST !!!

Exercise, fitness, health programs are……..LOST !!!  RESULTS….where are they, in the fitness, health, and weight loss programs? “Measured results”…….not even, the money grabbers are way too scared to do that! SUSTAINABLE RESULTS……..in your dreams, MAYBE! […]