ANTIBIOTICS – What most people do not know…..

ANTIBIOTICS – What most people do not know…..

The common medical model is not what our Creator had in mind!

People are actually herded like the sheeple most are, into being “slanted” in their thinking to believe that medicine is “good for you!”


The reality is that medicine and the current medical model is severely broken! Many years back the Pharmaceutical industry started dictating to the medical field what, how, and when to treat all conditions! These slanted teachings were for the good financial condition of Big Pharma, period!


Drugs were designed to mask symptoms, rather than truly regenerate and restore the body! In place of a true restoration to original the drugs were used to create a constant need for relief of the irritating symptoms!


Basically those who use many pharmaceuticals must constantly re-buy them for relief! True actual healing comes from restoration of the body through nutrients to regrow or truly heal!


Know that most all conditions are self inflicted through lack of preventive maintenance, with proper intake or diet and nutrients to regrow, and restore the body the way it was designed to be!


Remember that we are brand new down to every cell every 16+ months. This fact alone should give anyone great possibilities to change their condition physically!


Today antibiotics are being way over used and are not having the desired effects sought! Why, because of over usage, but that is not the only factor! Most individuals do not understand what a antibiotic is or does, they just want better and they want it now!


This video is a basic over view of serious considerations that many should be aware of: at ResultsAreProof.com and Bert Seelman’s Performance Fitness Systems the long term natural answers are always a priority! Think about your intake and nutrition for your long term benefits!



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