ADDICTION, A Different View and Approach….

ADDICTION, the Mishandling, Mismanagement, and A Better Approach….

Addiction –  definition of my own  —– the “my own dictionary” dictionary or “BERTISM”

Addictionis the “compulsive action” of reducing any bad feeling or stress,  by “whatever” I decide it takes to “get my attention off of it”, or to become less aware of whatever is bothering me.

Usual causes of addictions are hurt, pain, severe discomfort, avoidance, fear and or anything that may appear discomforting to or in the Spirit man.

Note: most addictions are commonly mistreated by addressing the symptom and  rather than the actual cause.

LISTEN to the video carefully, see how the wrong priority is used, and how there must be a balancing of the body first, to allow the stressing, the “craving can be lessened first”, and then counseling can be more readily received!  

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