ACNE….SKIN Problems, …. Wrong approaches….

ACNE….SKIN Problems, …. Wrong approaches….


It is not always what you think, it is easily helped…often!

Teenagers, adults, most all are told the wrong information….sadly so!


Acne is not hormones, it is much easier than that, but the Dermatologist does not want you to know that!

Remember, no pharmaceuticals, no profit for the Doctor, or the pharmacy!

All the expensive testing, medications, and still bad advice, but hey, it keeps you going back for more “MAYBE”, or MAYBE or MAYBE!


If you have a teen with acne or you’re an adult, this can be devastating, truly traumatic! This acne can scar the face for life, or cause major skin work to repair the skin if you continue with the wrong, and bad advice!


What you will learn here is real, it works, only though if you follow all of it! Listen up, learn, there is more, however this is an amazing start that makes major changes, almost immediately!


KNOW THIS:…when some start changing the diet to correctness some cases of acne will intensify for a short period, as it is cleansing the condition, stay steady at it and help whom ever needs it!…. or call us.