How to beat the “HEALTH CARE COST’S”….

How to beat the HEALTH CARE COSTS!

©copyright Bert Seelman 2013

Insurance too high, but you have to have some insurance, right?

Insurance, especially “health” insurance is a major cost to most all!

First, let’s get SANE, instead of being like everyone in the crowds!

There is NO health “insurance,” it does not give you health, it gives treatment!

The treatment you get if its modern medicine, “treats the symptom,” not the cause. It is called correctly “disease management!”

Treatments  that are usually a form of MODERN MEDICINE, meaning it is cut (surgery), poison meaning pharmaceutical “chemicals” not nutrients to rebuild tissues, or it is “burn” meaning radiation or some sort of electronic  vibration, or some sort of magnetic wave being pulsed through your body!

All of the modern medicines are not in any way “restorative” from the stand of life promoting or restoring! Modern medicine or western medicine in the form of pharmaceuticals are always “ionically incorrect” in the way they work at the cell level and are therefore a “total negative” to the body’s functions! Not HEALING in any way.

Nutrients (foods) or vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins now they form us, they rebuild us, and these nutrients are what caused us to “form in the womb!” We are a totally “new” being down to every cell every 16 months! Imagine what possibilities that affords each of us on a regular basis!

Our “health” is a picture of “what we have been putting in the old “pie hole (mouth)!”  Yes, what we eat is the sum total of what we can expect back, as our “maintaining our health” is the picture of what we eat! Our body literally is a true to life “picture of our actual caring or not caring” for our life in the physical! How are you looking?

So, when someone says,” I am lucky I have great insurance,” you now know that a “self deluded fool” is letting you know that they are “oblivious” to any reasonable sense at all! People need to “wake up” to the fact that “you yes YOU, are in charge of your health’s level!” You caused it; you formed it, because you ate it, or didn’t eat what you should have!

So about that “health insurance” cost, you created it, you “made it happen”, and then you paid AGAIN in the pain and suffering of whatever condition you brought on yourself, through not “doing what was positive” to keep your health at a higher level of being!

So do not watch what you eat, eat all the anything’s you want, then eat it often, go ahead and self indulge to the max! When the bill comes in for your lack of understanding, along with your lack of researching, what builds up instead of what “tastes good” and “what’s easy” you need to be ready to pay in cash and suffering! So you pay for insurance, you pay co-pay, you pay in suffering and you miss being paid by missing work! Nice huh!

Now we see that we are the “health care providers of our own selves” in reality, each and every day!

It is not just what we eat, but what we don’t eat that is very critical! In not eating the “bad or negatives” we then allow the good we take in, not to be “neutralized.”  To take in good nutrients and not stopping the intake of negatives we are literally “wasting our good efforts.”  It takes eliminating negatives, and then adding more positives to truly build our health! So, is that a cost?

By taking in fewer negatives alone we can make serious health improvements!

So how about “health ASSURANCE” instead of health insurance! Then if we want insurance it will come at less of a cost as we have been a “better risk,” we will not be suffering physically, and the small amount spent to build our health will literally “pay us back” in our not paying, in so many ways!

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