10 Critical Questions – to Guarantee Results in Fitness,

10 CRITICAL  Questions  To  GUARANTEED  Results  from Diet, Exercise, & Health

How many times have you or someone you know been promised, assured, even guaranteed results with a gym, fat loss program, or a personal training program, that never happen? Knowledge comes from the use of accurate critical questioning to gather what is needed, so i have put together the questions that cut t the chase as is said!

How many diets, exercise programs, health clubs, personal trainers and coaches have actually LIED through their teeth! After all we can put a man on the moon, we can transplant organs from one human to another. We can take DNA off a drinking cup and find that exact person anywhere in the world, then why can we not with assurance get physically fit, and super healthy? It is possible, and there are facts to be utilized, and this was my quest!

Well here's the GOOD NEWS, there is a series of ACCURATE, CRITICAL questions that can FACTUALLY GUARANTEE that there are enough facts in place to KNOW REAL QUICKLY if it’s another SCAM!

This short video will empower an individual with the knowledge to KNOW IF, there is any real hope or credibility to the program.


Whether it is weight (fat) loss, strength gains, athletic conditioning, personal training, or health building and even from your Doctor as this is the definitive test!

Next to my book, The Great Fitness Fraud with this video is the fastest, most accurate way to know of the POSSIBILITIES of a program delivering what it says. Without these tests no possibility exists.Understand that my own personal quest for a program 45+ years ago led to my building, and searching for factual based solid answers for just how to build health while getting in great shape!

GOOD hunting!


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